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Runout Groove HIdden Messages

Runout Groove Hidden Messages

The first hidden message in the runout groove of a record I discovered was The Beach Boys Endless Summer double album released on Capitol Records in 1974. The message was, “We Love You Brian”.

The runout groove is the groove that runs from the last track to the label. Since then I check the runout grooves for these messages and have come to find out they are more common than you may think.

Here are some other examples:

Led Zeppelin – III (Atlantic)

Side A: “So Mote Be It.”

Side B: “Do what thou wilt.”

Eagles – "One of These Nights" (Asylum)

Side A: “don't worry - - -”

Side B: -” - - nothing will be ok!”

Foreigner – 4 (Atlantic)

Side A: "Welcome Christopher"

Side B: "'Up to the Sky 'Roman"

Genesis – Genesis (Atlantic)

Side A: “Renee, I love ya.”

Side B: blank

You may not see these messages on every copy unless they are engraved on the master. If done on the stamper, which is only good for so many pressings, they may not be on each release and would vary from pressing plant to pressing plant.

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