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Updated: Aug 11, 2020

The best description I've read about CBM is from - this a repost of their description:

Beach Music music style made popular in the Carolinas, it combines many styles that may include but are not limited to Rhythm and Blues, Soul Music, and a little bit of Disco. Basically anything you can “Shag” to (The Shag, or Carolina Shag, is a dance style that has been around almost forever. We are not referring to the slang term made popular by a major movie personality portraying a British spy from the 60’s)

When you ask the question”What is Beach Music?”, you will hear a wide variety of answers. Some may try to define the genre, some may simply describe the feeling they get when they hear Beach Music. Ask the person answering the question how they associate themselves with beach music and you may understand their comments. Old School DJs will tell you something different than guys that have only been playing in bands for a few years. Shag Dancers will have different definitions than the fans of the bands. You may hear varied answers depending on which state the person lives in or was born.

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  • Writer's pictureDuane Cozzen

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

The format consist of a wide range of genres and charts from, not only the U.S., but other countries. The years are '50s, '60s, '70s & Carolina Beach Music which is a regional genre that is primarily made up of R&B, Blues, Rock and anything that you can do the Shag and Bop dance to.

It derived from a conversation I had with the legendary Wolfman Jack in the early '80s over dinner. We were talking about radio in general and I brought up an idea for a music format I had been working on. He mentioned that he thought a multi-genre format would be successful with some slight variations. It would break the mold of what most stations were doing then.

That conversation stayed in the back of my mind for years until I finally came up with the formula I have now.

I've been asked the secret to the format/formula but that's a secret; for now.

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